The price of love

There is a price to love.  A terrible price.  it can cost you in so many ways.  And the bill can come due unexpectedly.

That price is pain. The one thing that can be certain about loving is that it will at some point, hurt you. This is where I find my partner and I right now, the indescribable pain of love.

Trinity was adopted by my partner.  A senior cat when adopted, she was already well along in her life span.  And now it is coming to a close.  On Thursday in the evening, Trinity will be mercifully euthanized due to health complications.  And it hurts.  Oh, does it hurt.

For my partner, she is losing a companion who was there at her side during hard times.  An affectionate old curmudgeon that purred like an engine, and bit her hair to wake her up in the morning.  For me, I am losing a newer friend, but also feeling the pain of watching someone I love beyond all, grieve.  There is no way I could not absorb some of the pain.  I am with someone who has the character to walk in to a shelter and adopt a cat that everyone else overlooks because of her age.  Her pain becomes mine.

And that pain of love is not restricted to pets. The tattoo on my wrist is also a reminder of the pain of love.  Dug in to my skin along someone I love dearly as both a reminder to my lost child, but also a reminder of the love my friend and I share, and the pain of almost never seeing each other.

We risk much by loving.  In friendships, loving them can lead to the heartbreak of them letting you down when you need them most.  It can lead to uneven commitment to relationships.  It can even lead to romantic feelings that are unrequited.  This is pain.

Within romantic relationships, you only multiple the odds of pain.  I have yet to meet a couple that did not have some pain in their partnership.  It varies, but the loving of another individual can lead to great sorrow.  There can even be pain in a happy relationship.  It isn’t about poor relationships, it’s about opening yourself to another person and all that they are.  And that leads to the arrows of pain striking many times throughout your relationship.

Love is both voluntary and involuntary.  The chemical reactions are beyond our control.  The actions, and the commitments, and the fidelity to the boundaries of your relationship are.  You can wilfully hurt someone in your relationship by breaking their trust.  This is an action where you deliberately cause pain. But you can hurt people when you aren’t trying.  Simply by being who you are.  Not that you shouldn’t be who you are, it will just cause pain.  Know this.

So the question was why do we CHOOSE love?

Because it’s worth it.  Love is greater than pain, even when it doesn’t seem so.  Real, compassionate, and empathetic love will not seek to harm, even though it can.  It will make the right decisions, even if it tears your heart out to do it.  Loving and being loved is the best that humanity has to offer.

Love is worth the pain.

This is Smartassicus, signing off for Trinity. You will be missed.






What a Chunt

Let’s start by this piece by saying if there is anyone who feels that no animal should ever be killed at any time for any reason this piece will not be fun for you. The exits are here, here, here, and here, thank you for flying Smartassicus air.

We have in our world a sickness. That sickness is trophy hunting. Hunting for the purpose of no more than posing with an animal you shot, or cutting off it’s head to hang on the wall. To me, it’s not really the action of a balanced mind. I don’t hunt. I don’t need to, and I am not interested in hunting for game meat. But I have absolutely no issue with hunting for those purposes. Some consider it barbaric, but I wonder how it really compares to life in an enclosure being fattened up and then killed for food, compared to natural life with an albeit sudden end.

Now, addressing the hunting of animals, A lot of the time we are in a situation where human encroachment on habitat and destruction of natural predator populations have created untenable overpopulation problems.


Excuse us. The next human crossing will be at 7:52 AM.

Conservation agencies in North America are in place to determine the population issues, and to issue the appropriate number of “tags” for hunting. These are depending on area, or species, purchased, with funds typically going towards the conservation efforts. The issue is that natural predators were hunted to near extinction because sheep in a pen are a whole fuck ton easier to catch than Bambi. A natural way to deal with population control would be the reintroduction of natural predator species at the correct amount. But we can’t put that toothpaste back in the tube. Our expansion into natural habitats only increased, and now it will be your cat as a meal. The same problems would exist on a grander scale.

images (1)

Yes, this is your fault, humans. Pass the Cornish Rex, please.

Ok. Fine. but that doesn’t mean that like, Trophy hunting of lions and things is ever good right?

Um… technically no. It takes a sick mind to want to go and shoot one of these incredible, and often endangered animals just to plop your fat, stupid ass down to get a picture of you sweating butter in the African sun next to the animal you shot from a jeep. Because of this disgusting desire, a lot of “canned hunt” operations exist where animals are bred in captivity and then are shot by sociopathic shitheads for large sums of money. They are basically shooting giant house cats and getting boners from it. There is absolutely nothing positive about this. Everyone involved is human filth.

But there are some hunts that aren’t the same. Yes. It uses the same greasy awful motherfuckers who have a sick desire to shoot majestic creatures just because they can. But it serves a purpose. There are areas where controlled hunts are permitted on a limited basis. It is carefully curated by the gamekeepers. And I won’t quote exact details as they operate differently, but frequently old and infirm are the animals that are hunted.

Why? Poachers. Poachers kill to fuel the illicit market. They have no care for conservation, and will kill the last of a species to make money. So what does that have to do with letting dumbfucks shoot at animals? Proceeds for conservation to combat poaching. As counterintuitive as it is, there are cases where allowing limited trophy hunting is benefiting the species.

Now you may argue that it’s just wrong. The funds should be just raised without the hunts. I’m all for it. Except it doesn’t happen. Nobody thinks about giving money for the conservation of endangered species. That’s hyperbole, but nowhere near enough resources are gathered simply by the goodwill of people.


Good and bad are never equal in weight. Trump weighs at least 310.

It absolutely blows that conservation groups are having to use the absolute worse of the worst human beings to get what they need to fight against the extinction of the species. It shouldn’t be that way. But it simply IS that way. There is no absolute on the matter, it’s a horrific practice by pond scum in safari pants, that is currently funding the possible salvation of animals that could disappear without it. The alternative is banning all hunts and potentially watching poachers finishing off species one by one.

Nobody said it was easy. It makes me sick to kill for the fun of killing. It really does take a special kind of despicable to want to do it.

For now, it may just have to be tolerated for the greater good. Although go ahead and hate the motherfuckers. They deserve it.

Smartassicus out.

Consent, Redefined

I first want to take credit for coming up with an amazing clickbait title.  Good job, Smartassicus.  Why thank you.  Alright. Now that the self ego-stroking is out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks.  I want to talk about consent.

Let’s start off with the most obvious thing, which is consent in the context of sexual advances.  The #metoo movement has been awe-inspiring.  Women have stood up and spoken out against all forms of harassment and assault.  Not so much that women haven’t been telling us all along.  They have, and we as a society did not listen.  A lot still don’t.  The swell of #metoo was what was so amazing. It is by far the most wide-sweeping discussion on the topic of sexual consent.  It made me re-evaluate interactions in my life, and realize that I was a #metoo for women at times.  I am not going to qualify or explain, because I don’t want it to appear to be excusing my behavior even if it isn’t rape or assault.

But I am going to swing away from focusing on just sexual consent, as although it is so very crucial, I wanted to address it at a basic all-encompassing level that rings true as to why the #metoo movement is so valid and important.


I need you all to stop for a moment, and be prepared to think.  This isn’t meant to be condescending, there are so many of you who have probably worked this out long before me.  But It’s a mental exercise.



I used Bush in two back to back posts, which I believe violates the Geneva convention.

One thing directly related to consent is bodily autonomy.  This is a term used far more in discussions (Ha. Discussions.  More like nosy religious people using emotionally charged falsified data and empty rhetoric to scream at women, particularly the vunerable about how evil they are and…) Ok. taking a deep breath.  That’s a topic all to itself.  It’s safe to say I’m pro-choice.  It’s also used in reference to the freedom of sex workers, but I have already written a piece on that.


I am pro-choice.  I choose not to kill this man because she already slayed him.


Bodily autonomy. The concept that you have complete control over your own body.  You decide how you use it, what is allowed, what is not. Stand alone. inviolable. absolute.  let’s take that down to the cellular level.

If you have autonomy, you have autonomy over everything.  Otherwise it isn’t autonomy.  If we expand the concept to what it really means, it means you are not beholden to anyone for anything. At all.

No one has the right to your time, unless you consent.

No one has the right to your attention, unless you consent.

No one has the right to anything.  It is yours.

The only thing people can do is request things of you.  They must ask.  No, your employer has no right to demand anything of you.  They request, and offer remuneration. You either agree or don’t.  if you don’t agree, you are choosing to leave the job. But it is your choice.  Another place where pedantry can muddy the water is in parenting.  Well, the baby is crying. I have no choice but to take care of it.  But that’s really an extension of the choice you made to have the child.  You (hopefully.) had the child willfully.  Autonomy is not just a barrier to demands, it’s also a responsibility in the choices we make. You’d think that this was an elemental and perfectly understood concept, but it isn’t.  People demand things of others all the time. Husbands (or wives, but let’s be honest about percentages) pester their spouses for sex.  Employers make unreasonable demands. friends ask too much of you when you can’t handle it but they are friends and you don’t want to let them down. So on and so forth.


Demand resistant force field for sale. Only costs all the monies.

Most of the time demands are benign, sometimes they are not.  But having any expectation on anyone for anything is actually, not acknowledging the autonomy of the individual you are demanding it from.

But what about marriage? Monogamous relationships?  Aren’t you duty bound by your oaths and promises?  The short answer is no.  You maintain your relationships, and the boundaries you set within it, by autonomy.  No piece of paper can declare you must be faithful to a person.  No tax status can make you agree to boundaries.  And if you think about it, do you really WANT it to?  You partner(s) are there by choice.  At least they should be. They should adhere to agreed boundaries because they autonomously agree to.  I am trying to encompass all different relationship types simply here, but the essence is that every day, every choice, every thing, is yours. Yours alone. And you have the absolute authority over how any of it is used.

As a last point, I of course need to address people who are in situations that choice is removed from them.  That happens.  I am not blind to people who can’t leave a shitty job because it will ruin them, afraid to leave an abusive relationship for many number of reasons, or people who have been criminally forced in to things they do not want to do.  This is unacceptable behavior.  It is violating someone else’s autonomy.  When you think about it, it is a truly despicable act.

There are a few things I haven’t addressed, and don’t plan on doing so.  I’m perfectly prepared for the “well actually” that can come with discussion like this.  I welcome it.


Now follow my fucking blog.  You know. If you consent to.

Love to all*


**few of you.


Smartassicus out.






VENI! VIDI! Defuit…

Everyone loves a winner!

Winning isn’t the most important thing, it’s the only thing!

Keep trying, keep fighting, and you will win.

Barf. Sorry. If you’ve ever won something significant, congratulations. Hell, if you take pride in winning connect 4 with your toddler, go for it. But we are so damned obsessed with victory. It doesn’t really matter what we are hoping to win, but most of us want to win at SOMETHING. So much so that we’ll even claim the victory of other people as our own. Read any Twitter thread after a sports ball match and the insufferable prattle of fans will make you want to gouge your eyes out. Particularly if you’re one of the fans of the winning team, in which case fuck you, I don’t care. Julius Caesar once said Vidi, Vini, Vici. I came, I saw I conquored. Well yeah. If you count sitting back and letting men who had no choice in the matter stab each other in the faces until there was enough dead people. I’m certain his correspondence with Ptolemy fans was annoying as fuck.


Egypt sucks, Rome number one! Smashed you XXII to IV!

But it’s not really about sports or BCE wars, what I’m really referring to is treating everything we do like a victory, or a failure. No, this isn’t some motivational speech about learning from failures.


Thank you Sir Ian. I learned a valuable lesson, but I feel the teabagging was unneccessary.

Nor is it some sad sack woe is me I never win lament. I win, sometimes. Almost everyone “wins” at something eventually. But is it really winning? (Ok, yes. Playing XI on a triple word score two directions in scrabble is winning, and totally pisses off your opponent.) Why aren’t we talking about earning as much?

Because meritocracy barely exists. So we seek to win, instead of not lose. Yeah, you have some control over some of it. But most shit is just out of your hands. Think about the best player on the losing team, the best solider in the losing army, they did their best and one ended up going home without a trophy, and the other without his head.

That’s the world we live in. We created a society that doesn’t reward effort so much as it does circumstance. For every story of a plucky young thing who grew his small patch of pumpkins in to a New England area monopoly on the gourd market, there are a million crashes and burns. A woman marries a man, he abuses her, then leaves her, she has kids, a deadbeat ex, and can’t make ends meet. What about the student who doesn’t have a rich mommy and daddy to pay their way through Ivy league? They lose by comparison to the brain dead dumbfucks who have no brains but plenty of money. Not to name any names.


Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on toast. Yeah. That’s it.

I don’t want this piece to be long. The point is, you aren’t going to win much. When you do, a lot of it won’t have to do with you. If it does, it will likely be a small victory. If it’s not, It will probably be the only thing of real significant triumph. And if it’s not, well fuck you, you overachiever. Congratulations. For most of us it’s I came, I saw, I failed.

We go through life mostly making ends meet, and trying to extract some happiness from existence, and we succeed or fail at varying levels. It’s mind-boggling that people still think that working hard and effort are the key to success. It’s like they’ve never met a CEO.

We can take one small Schadenfreude for the jerks who win though. Those assholes who prance and strut about their victories, or make declarations of their own awesomeness. Victory is fleeting. Winners typically turn in to losers. They get defeated down the line. Fall on their face, or simply slip away in to obscurity. I’m not saying we should be jerks ourselves. But don’t feel to jealous, or worry about it too much. It won’t last. Just like that smug bastard Caesar, who really had a sharp end to his win streak. (Yes. you are allowed to unfollow me or send me a message cursing me out for that joke.)


I came, I saw, I shit myself as I bled out.

Smartassicus out.

So much intolerance left

“So much for the tolerant left.”

the words emblazoned across the screen. Be it in a tweet, Facebook, or slipping from the lips of a neighbor, coworker or family member.And you clench your teeth.  Bite your tongue, feel the muscles between your shoulders clench and try to control your eye roll to less than migraine inducing.

How many times have we heard this refrain?  How many times has it been tossed out casually to any criticism as if it’s a get out of being an asshole free card.  Pre-Trump, it was the most annoying and repetitive thing we heard during debate about polarized issues.  It has been supplanted by another worthless toss off statement of late.



41,511,141 is the number of times I have personally seen this tweeted

But it’s still in use without hesitation.  Doing a Twitter check right now, it was last used 16 minutes ago because someone had the audacity to say Tucker Carlson should shut the fuck up.




No. Really. He should shut the fuck up.


The reality is this.  The world is getting more and more polarized.  There have always been two sides of the political spectrum.  Left, or more liberal/progressive or right, more conservative.  People fit anywhere along this line of ideology, but where it used to be some far left, some far right, and most hovering around the center, it’s not a few floating around in the middle of the pool wondering where the fuck everyone is while the left and right stand on opposite sides glaring at each other.  Talk to the people on the left, and it’s the right-wing that has run headlong in to bat shit insanity. Talk to the right, and it’s the Left that’s completely lost their minds.  And to be fair, neither side is completely wrong.  There are some straight up wackos on both sides of the divide.


Now here is where I go forward and my personal biases come in to play.  I feel that the right has shifted further from reasonable positions.  I am however, an unabashed leftist. So you’re not going to get an objective position from me.  Standing back, I have to admit that there are some on the progressive side that have in my opinion, completely lost their minds.  Although we share a great number of ideological values, we don’t share the way to get there, nor the priorities.  (I’m sorry, but free college for already privileged white kids is not at the top of my list. great idea? Yeah.  Maybe we should feed, clothe and give medical care to people first.)

All that is a long-winded windup to my pitch.  Which is this.  We DO need to stop hating as much as we do.  It comes easy.  I see an eagle AVI on twitter with the name deplorable and I immediately intensely dislike the person.  But should I immediately hate them?  TRY AND STOP ME. Sorry that slipped out.  No, I shouldn’t.

But I firmly believe that “hate” has its place.  We do not need to be the tolerant left in the face of the never-ending attempts to dehumanize, control, and marginalize people of color, LGBTQIA, immigrants, the poor, and non-Christian religions (or lack thereof.)


It’s funny and not. Because it’s parody. And not.

We should not back down for one second in the face of fear mongering politicians and pundits, nor the people who have drunk deep from that toxic well and vomit it back out on every forum.  In short, we should hate the hateful.  We should hate the racist, the homophobe, the heartless, the unstable lunatics who believe there is a secret cabal of Obama clones running an underground network of tunnels to dig in to trailer parks and steal guns.

All to often there have been attempts to put a human face on the tiki-torch white supremacists and the confederate flag waving morons who shriek about showing respect for America by standing for the anthem while waving the flag of a defeated traitorous faction.

Now, when I originally sat down to write this piece, I was going to take a far more militant tone.  But a few tweets from people I love and respect gave me pause.  I will cite exactly none of them, because they know who they are and you probably don’t (but you should because they are awesome.)

“Anger is useful. Hate is not.”

My brain shrieks at that.   HATE them. They deserve it.  Brexiteers.  Trumpsticks. Tories. The “we hate melanin” party.  (I really don’t know all the names of the various groups that stand on hateful ideology.)  My lizard brain wants to hate.


I’m sorry. This meme is obligatory when talking about hate. All hail the dark lord, Lucas.


When I mentioned that I still feel hate, another person kinder and wiser than me wrote  “I do sometimes too…  I always try to find compassion. I’m not always successful. So should we feel compassion for the people who do their best to maintain suffering in our world and nations?  Pity?  Hatred?

I think that what it boils down to, is that hate isn’t hate when it’s opposition to hate.  I don’t really hate any individual person who voted for Trump.  (Although I’ve met few in person and they may test that theory.)  I do hate pretty much everything they stand for.  I hate their hate.

So when they talk about the intolerant left, Fuck yeah.  We must be the intolerant left.  We must not stand aside on attacks on the vulnerable.  We must block every attempt at taking away the rights of women.  We must point the spotlight on racism and bigotry.  We must stand shoulder to shoulder and say no to every single horrible thing those steeped in fear and loathing can throw.

But hate?  No.  We shouldn’t.  And just like giving up opium, good luck getting of that cold turkey.  I’m the most hateful of the group of people I was chatting with about this very topic.  I’m as my partner calls me, a little over-emotive.  I feel deep, hurt deep, lash out from the deep.  Bigots played a role in one of the biggest losses in my life, albeit indirectly.  Letting go of hatred for homophobic douchecanoes is as easy as watching The Notebook without grimacing.

But it comes from a place of honest compassion for those who don’t have the same privilege in life that I do.  That are victims of what is currently the most toxic world political climate since World War 2.  I think for most of us that’s the case.  I think we want love to win so badly that we feel the hate of opposition to it.  It’s easy to do. So if you find yourself feeling hate, remember what it is that we stand for.  And stand against.  There’s no hate cessation patch. And in saying that It means I have to do the same lest I be a hypocrite.  I hate hypocrites.


Smartassicus out.






Tape it to make it legal

Disclaimer:  In the following piece I do not propose to speak for the people I am speaking about.  I do not intend to group or classify them a ubiquitous entity, they are each unique, autonomous human beings.  This is a work of opinion.

So… Stormy Daniels, hey?  Big news, isn’t it?  An adult film star sleeping with the Cheeto. Scandalous! Titillating! (Use of pun intended or not dependant on if you think it’s funny.)  And totally disgusting.

What? no.  Not her.  Not what she does.  The only thing I find off about her is her taste in men.  What’s vile is the way that people have spoken about her since the story broke.  Slut. Hooker. Whore.  And it’s not limited to the right-wing trying to discredit her.  It’s also invective being used by opponents of Trump to make HIM look bad. (he doesn’t need the help, folks.)  Liberal, “progressive” people saying things like, and I direct quote:  Raw-dogging a porn star.

This piece is not about Stormy.  She is just an example of the vitriol society has towards sex work.  It’s about the utter hypocrisy that is displayed across political spectrums.


Let’s start with the obvious.  Pornography.  I’m not going to debate the merits of porn.  I am not interested in arguing about who watches it, why, etcetera. (WOMEN WATCH PORN.)  What’s fascinating about it is that it’s legal.  It is the exchange of money for a service.  Being compensated for sexual services.  What makes it legal?   Recording it and selling it.  Yet sex work is criminalized.  the only difference is recording it.

Now in what fucking universe does that make sense?  (Ha. Fucking.)  No, this isn’t an invitation for the puritans to start an anti-porn argument.



Which would be odd, they seemed to be in to some pretty public kink.


When it comes right down to it, sex work is perfectly legal as long as you record it in some fashion, be it photographs or video.  The hypocrisy is that there are an uncountable number of people who have no issue with porn, watch porn, think nothing of the legality of porn… yet are opposed to sex work.  They are adamantly opposed to a woman using bodily autonomy for income. (unless they get to watch a video of it I suppose.)  you can type in to google any particular type of porn you’d like to watch and get results.  It’s as if the sex being broadcast changes it from sex work to something entirely different.


Used SFW to not show unwanted nudity.  Now I’m getting emails from cookie fetishists.


This is the part where it get’s tricky.  Because I want to raise my voice in unison with sex workers.  I want to be on their side, but run the risk of misrepresenting individuals in sex work whose attitudes or opinions differ than mine.  I hope that any who read this would challenge anything I say that is not ok. I write this from a place of privilege and can easily misfire.

But the reality is that pretty much every anti-sex work argument is based on fear mongering, myth, and outright lies.  People argue that it fuels human trafficking.  The opposite is true.  The criminalization of sex work leads to criminalized operations.  When it’s illicit, the unscrupulous monsters will swoop in.  Predation on underage women is not a sex work issue, it’s a pedophile issue, and must be addressed entirely separately. (this is also not an issue of gender, as sex workers come in all gender expressions.) Kid diddlers aren’t going to stop when legal consenting adults operate as sex workers.

Likewise, Sex workers are not responsible for your marriage.  They aren’t making your spouse or partner cheat.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the argument that because it’s available, it’s at fault. This is one of the most specious arguments, and stop blaming a sex worker for your lousy partner.  I have heard there are some workers that won’t even provide service to someone if they suspect they are married.  Who’s the immoral one?

Sex workers choose to be sex workers.  Yes.  There are examples where people have turned to sex work as a last resort.  Just like people will take any job that they don’t want but have to put food on the table.  The fact that it is sex work is irrelevant to the reality that frequently (and when it comes down to it, most of us) do things we aren’t enthusiastic about to pay the bills.  But that doesn’t mean sex workers aren’t happy with sex work.  I have befriended a number of people in the business of sex work on twitter, and the prevailing attitude is they like what they do.  The things they hate are bad clients, judgmental shitheads, and people who try to barter a deal.  Not the work they chose for themselves.

Sex workers DO NOT SELL THEIR BODIES.  They provide a service that uses their body.  So does your masseuse, chiropractor or physiotherapist, house painters, plumbers and so forth.  Society differentiates because it’s sex.  Not because it’s work.  And it’s the underlying hypocrisy about sex that is the issue.


You loved Pretty Woman but turn your nose up at this.  I see you.


Sex workers do not all operate the same.  They are not cold-hearted profit seekers with no regard for people.  That’s us regarding them.  Not the other way around.  I can’t speak for all sex workers in this regard.  The only thing I can do is speak my own experiences.

First is the interactions with sex workers who I have befriended online.  They have all been caring, wonderful people.  I do try to remember that they need space and time management because they are working with clients, primarily.  But that isn’t unlike me not bothering my friend at work when he has a work deadline.  Peel away the preconceived judgements about sex workers, and SURPRISE! They are thinking, feeling, people.

But I want to use a deeper example to personalize it.  I am right now in a wonderful relationship.  It wasn’t always so.  I was in a near sexless marriage that came to an end.  Despite the lack of physical affection I received,  I remained faithful. (at least physically.  Pornhub probably had my family history.)  After the break up, I desired sex.  Not abnormal.  But the thought of the bar scene turned my stomach.  One, I wasn’t sure I wanted another relationship EVER.  That changed. But at the time I felt like, fuck it, I’m done.  But I also didn’t want to be a user.  I am not condemning casual sex.  I have had sex with people who had no realistic future of a relationship, the key being it was not a misleading attempt to dangle a relationship so you can get some sex.  It was two adults who had regard and care for each other that chose physical expression and that’s just fine.

But I am appalled by (mostly) men who play the I want a relationship game and then ghost when they get their rocks off.  That is not the person I want to be.  I hate these men with the fire of a thousand suns. (do NOT “not all men” me. I’ll spit on your sneakers.)  So I sought the services of a sex worker. Twice.

Was it ideal for me?  No, for FULL enjoyment for me I require a deeper connection with the person, but the experiences were not negative.  I chose not to use the back page classifieds, because there are no assurances that I wouldn’t be fueling an abused person.  The symptom of illicit sex work in the first place.  I chose local sex workers.  They were independent, intelligent women who screened, addressed security concerns appropriately.  They were prepared, provided protection, and fully disclosed exactly what their rules were.  (Side note, don’t try to break a rule.  It makes you an asshole.  If it says no kissing, she means it.  No, I didn’t try.  I’m saying don’t be an asshole.) Just like no shirt no shoes no service, you don’t have an excuse to flout it.

One was more businesslike, and was “in charge” of the sexual service.  This was her stipulations.

The other was warmer (although the first was not unpleasant by any means) and was more interested in some get to know along with the service.  There was an awareness of a need for more than just sex, but human contact.  Hugs and conversation before, cuddle and a kiss on the cheek after, and not a rush to get out.  (I do not think someone leaving right away is an issue, it is after all, a business arrangement.)

I differentiate because people just don’t seem to give a fuck that sex workers are complete individuals who run their business as they see fit. It is well past the time where sex work is decriminalized. Yet things like SESTA keep getting forwarded by people who want to maintain archaic moral standards while not living up to them themselves.

Now here’s the parting shot.  Some may have read my experiences and sneered.  Thinking I couldn’t get a woman to sleep with me without paying (I didn’t try.) or that I engaged in immoral behavior (fuck your morals.)  Some may read this and never look at me the same way again.  I don’t give a shit.  If the take away from this is “Oh my god, he had protected, consensual sex with a sex worker instead of leading on someone or engaging in activities I didn’t want to and paid for it, what a scumbag”  you can walk out the door.  I don’t care what you think.  I did the right thing for me, and what I felt was the best thing to avoid anyone being hurt.



Disclaimer: I am not, in fact, a Honey Badger.

But it’s not about me.  It’s about the sex workers who need society to stop treating them like a disease and realize that THEY are the most honest of us, in reality.  To my friends online in the sex work industry,  I beg your indulgence if I missed anything, or spoke an untruth based in ignorance.  My voice is on your side, for what it’s worth.

Smartassicus out.





Memories can’t be taken away

As it is now my Daughters Birthday, I have decided to post the Eulogy that I wrote and delivered at her funeral. I have cut out the greetings and a few notes: I was dressed in jeans and a Green Bay Packers jersey. I was also wearing mismatched socks. (UPDATE: with grateful thanks to @doryR for the portrait that heads this post. I’ve added her completed work below with accreditation.)

I want to explain my strange attire. All too often, we put on a suit and a tie, and do our best to look presentable. I chose to dress in the manner that Amber loved me best. Frequently as I got ready for work, with my coat and tie, I would ask Amber how I looked. She would wrinkle her nose and shrug. One time, she said “that isn’t really you.” So Instead of Mark, the business man, I chose to appear as Mark, the daddy. I even skipped shaving, because Amber would kiss me on the cheek each night, and she liked it better when I was a bit scruffy. The only difference in what I’m wearing from what I usually would, are my socks.
First I would like to tell you about the Amber from a time before most of you met her.
Amber was full of surprises. She began her list of surprises and shocks by crashing in to the world on March 22, 1996, a full seven weeks ahead of schedule. Her mother didn’t even know she was in labour, until moments before Amber arrived. She weighed in at 4 pounds and 10 ounces. She came fast, tiny, wrinkly, screaming, and beautiful. Dad nearly passed out.
She continued her preference for amusing surprises. Like the one time she was up late at night and was being really fussy, until mom and dad were able to hypnotize her to sleep. Or, the first time that mom and dad decided to go out after her being born, she promptly vomited her last meal down the inside of her mom’s shirt when hugs and kisses goodbye were being given.
And what parent didn’t have the little nudist stage? Always at the most inopportune times, off came the clothes, and the shrieks of laughter began as she ran naked and free. Amber was mostly smiles and laughs. She warmed up to people so fast and played with any kid that came along, just so long as they weren’t meanies.
She was precocious, and ferocious in her protection of her mommy and daddy. Like when mommy was watching the news and crying about the events of 9/11, she stuck with her mommy, and then prayed that everyone would be safe and the police would get the bad guys. Or when she was just a few years old, and Daddy was pulled over for speeding. She promptly undid her seatbelt, stood up, and yelled at the police officer to leave her daddy alone. Daddy still got the ticket.
The years of her as a little girl passed in a flash. Halloweens, birthdays, Christmases. Ten thousand, one hundred thousand memories of laughs and smiles and tears and temper tantrums only a privileged few of us were blessed to share in. Those memories are something her mother and I will cherish and hold dear. But what I want to talk to you more about the Amber that many of you got to meet.
There comes a time when a child starts to turn to other people for companionship and laughter. Mommy becomes Mom, Daddy becomes Dad. And that is as it should be. It was with pride that we watched Amber develop friendships and relationships independently.

Amber drew people to her. Her smile and personality made her instantly likeable. Many of you here today experienced exactly that, an engaging, unique and caring girl who was willing to be friends with just about anyone. She had a maturity and intelligence beyond her years. In a time where you would expect her to care more about gadgets and shoes and video games, she asked questions about history, current events, politics and philosophies, questions that would leave you struggling to answer.
At the same time, she expressed herself through silliness and fun. Most of the time, she did this to lift the spirits of those around her. She’d run and tackle hug people without worrying about dignity and decorum. She would tear out of the house without shoes on to greet her friends. Her mismatched socks would get filthy, and she simply didn’t care.
She sang along to her music. She often complained that her own singing voice was kind of like a tone-deaf frog, but even though she felt that way, she would sing anyways. When we drove somewhere, and she managed to convince us to plug her music in, she would dance in the car. She didn’t care who saw her doing it, and laughed when people did a double take of her silly moves in the seat.
Amber dreamed of being a social worker. She could never decide though, what kind she would want to be. She didn’t know if she wanted to work with teenagers. Or the elderly. Or with those who had disabilities. Her indecision on that came not from uncertainty, but an unwillingness to choose one; for fear that the others would be left out.
Amber loved sports. Individual sports she excelled in were swimming, water-skiing, and knee boarding. As to team sports, many here had the pleasure of seeing Amber play soccer, her first love. But she played at times basketball, hockey, and flag football too. She was never the most technically skilled player on the field, but what she lacked in training and skill, she made up for in sheer heart. She played her soul out. Her face would go bright red within moments of starting to play. A ferocious look of focus and determination would be fixed in her eyes as she chased the ball, shot the puck or tried to catch the pass.
She wanted nothing more than to help her team. In soccer, her chosen sport, she would be upset if she didn’t score a goal. And when she scored one, she would be unhappy that she didn’t score two. This was never because she craved personal glory. She just wanted to help her team win. Once, at a soccer tournament, she was awarded the team MVP medallion. She took it, put it in her soccer bag, and I didn’t see it again for months. It wasn’t until I was packing up her possessions that I found it tucked in the very back of her sock drawer. Only the awards that she won as a team, like the Milton all-stars championship trophy, were on display in her room.
Amber had an artist’s heart. She wrote. She sketched and doodled, she acted in her drama classes, she sang and danced. She was never satisfied with what she produced. Her artistic ability far exceeded that of her parents, but she would always go back and erase, and retry. The goose that she was trying to draw, its feathers were out-of-place. That line of script for her drama presentation wasn’t delivered just right. Wasn’t there a better line I can write for this poem? Amber wanted everyone to see, in her drawings or stories or poems, what she was seeing in her heart.
It is impossible to offer enough of Amber’s life to truly paint a picture of what she turned out to be. But now I’d like to talk to you about the Amber we didn’t know. When I say the Amber we didn’t know, I speak of some of the things that we learned about Amber in the last few months of her life, and what we have learned after her passing. We always knew that Amber was good and kind and compassionate. We didn’t know, though, and may never fully grasp, the extent of her empathy.
Amber turned no one away. There were no losers in her eyes. No one was unacceptable, no one was unlovable. On her Facebook page, she posted a 5 second clip of herself. She does nothing more than smile, and then hold up a sign that says “you’re all beautiful.” And she believed this. That everyone in this world deserved love. She gave of herself fully and completely. Her cellphone would buzz constantly, and she would carry on 3,4,5… 10 conversations at once. That always seemed like normal teenager stuff.
But what she was doing was helping people. She was offering words of comfort and support to people who were struggling. She would drop whatever she was doing, and go to her friends when they were in need. She did so regardless of how she was feeling. It would be raining cats and dogs, she’d have a bad cold, and she’d get a call. She’d be out in the rain and on her way to her friend in a moment.
And even seeing this… knowing how good and kind she was, it left us unprepared for the stories that have poured in since her death. Stories from people, friends, other young people, who told us what Amber really was. Stories of people who had given up all hope. Messages that said they were done with living, until Amber came and lifted some of their pain, so they could go on. Not one, not two. But many stories and messages from people of how Amber had rescued them. Or made their lives brighter.
When Amber was a little girl, I would lie on my back, lift her in the air with my legs, and she would spread her arms and fly. Pretending that she was a superhero. She dreamed of being a hero. She and I argued about who was the better superhero. I liked batman, she thought Batman was lame and that Spiderman was better. She fulfilled her dream. She became a superhero. One that put comic book heroes to shame. She never would believe that of herself, but the best heroes are the ones that don’t claim to be one.
The truth is, Amber saved lives. She made other lives better. She freely carried the hurts of others so that others could see their way through. She worked tirelessly and selflessly to make sure that her friends and others around her felt loved and worthwhile. She accomplished more good at 16 than many will in lifetimes of 60, 70, 80 years. As much as her loss hurts, as deep as the pain is, the greatest feeling is pride, and awe at what our little girl became, and what she did.
Amber dreamed of paradise. But she didn’t dream of it for herself. She dreamed of a world of paradise where everyone would be safe and happy and loved. To everyone here, Mom, dad, grandmas and grandpas, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, Amber knew that we loved her. She never doubted this. Know that, and take comfort in the fact that she understood that we loved her. And take comfort in the fact that she loved each without reservation as well. Do not doubt for a moment that she questioned that love. Amber understood how to love more than most of us ever do. For those who have come to support us, but didn’t know Amber, know that she would be happy that people were here to care about those she cared about. It’s exactly as she would want it.
We know that Amber is now free of fear or pain. But we know we won’t see her again for tackle hugs or kiss on the cheek.
So we find ourselves asking, what now? With Amber gone what do we do? I can tell you she is not gone. She is in every smile given to someone who needs it. She can be in every hug you give a friend that is hurting. We can honor her memory by carrying out her heart’s desire. That everyone feel like they matter. That everyone be told, and feels, as if they are beautiful.
I say this to everyone here, but especially to you young men and women so close to becoming adults. Help each other. Lift each other up when you fall. Don’t suffer in silence when you are broken-hearted. Let no one be excluded or left behind. There are no losers; there are none unworthy of being loved. All Amber wanted for each of you is happiness and love, reach out and take it from people when you need it, and give it to those you know that are needing it now.
Thank you, for Loving our little girl.



So I decided to stop being a coward and write a piece that isn’t something most of my followers will agree on.  The bad news is I’ll lose some followers.  The good news is this blog isn’t read very much so it won’t be many of them.

It’s about atheism.  And Religion. And, well… Religious atheism.  I sense in advance the hackles going up on the neck of atheists who have consistently had to ward off the Christian argument that Atheism is a religion.  I know. it’s not.  No deity.  No set of rules. No afterlife, no supernatural, etcetera. It does not in any way resemble a religion.

Except, when there are a number of atheists that are dogmatic as fuck.  They lurk on social media waiting for anyone to dare mention the word Jesus or God or prayer, and in they zoom.  It’s really the digital equivalent of street preachers screaming at people, except with different insults.  They are the prime reason why atheists have a reputation to be awful.  Because these particular ones are.


Do you have a moment to talk about our NOT lord and savior Jesus Christ?


Now before I continue, let me make a few things clear in short, quick bullets.

  • Yes, I’m an Atheist.
  • Yes, Religious indoctrination can have lifelong negative effects.
  • Yes, I am concerned and adamantly opposed to laws created based on religion.
  • Yes, I have had harsh words with the religious before.


See, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with honest debate.  If a theist and an atheist want to go at it, I think nothing of it.  And yup, often enough, the theist is just being a big old dick.  That’s the time I tend to say something.  When I see asshattery, I sometimes say something.  And the leaders of the pack?  The Ken Hams and the Joel Osteens?  Sic ’em, Tiger.  The con men don’t deserve any mercy.

But if you find yourself searching religious terms to chirp at theists, you might be what I’m talking about. (no, I’m not talking about parody accounts)  I’m talking about the shit stirring dicks who find people NOT on the media platform to debate, and jumping on them like a starving mosquito.

God isn’t real!  you’re so stupid! Tell your sky wizard to smite me! (ok. don’t see that last one much.)  And it goes on and on.  Either it riles up the theist in to a mudslinging match, or just gets the person blocked, which they count as a win and move on to the next person on the word search.


I’m not an angry atheist, there’s no such thing, so fuck you, Jesus freak!


If you find yourself calling Theists stupid or crazy, you’re who I’m talking about.  There are stupid theists. There are crazy theists.  Neither are true as a collective.  Making the mistake of indoctrination as stupidity is one of the things that people who never received indoctrination tend to think.  (If they did, and STILL say those things, that’s a double dose of being an asshole.) I spent 75% of my life under the yoke of indoctrination.  Now either that means I suddenly stopped being crazy when I discarded my faith, and had IQ points jammed in to my head, or it’s not true that theists are stupid or crazy, which means it’s just the low hanging fruit of insults for the lazy troll.

I respect the FFRF and the ACLU.  They have worked many times to stop theocratic decisions from infecting public areas.  But I think we need to pick our battles.  For instance, Billy Graham was laid in honor at the capital rotunda.  Probably one of the biggest breaches of church and state we’ve seen in a long time. But as far as legislation goes, is entirely meaningless.  It set a bad precedent, I’ll grant you that.  But no laws were created that will impact atheists.  The battles that need to be fought are the ones with lasting ramifications.  Religiously motivated abortion laws.  The remaining states where it is illegal for an atheist to hold public office. Forcing prayer back in to schools.  Things that are actually going to cause people problems.  Technically that includes the removal of all religious icons on public lands.  I agree that is proper according to the constitution, but I’d far rather see all the confederate statues come down first.

So there is a point to being a vocal atheist. Of course there is.  But here is a little tip.  If you are just insulting theists, and trolling them, you are accomplishing exactly zero.  It’s basically troll masturbating.  Trying to get as many angry theist responses as you can so you can come to climax.

I know what some people say it is.  “Mocking religion is important, yada yada.”  well first, I don’t think that’s true.  Freedom of speech dictates you can mock as you please, but it just makes you kind of a twat.  More to the point, it doesn’t do anything to help people realized that atheism is not the ugly boogeyman it gets made out to be.  If you want to entrench a theist further in to their positions, calling them morons is about the most effective way you could do it.  Which makes me believe that people who do that aren’t in the slightest interested in truth, but in being an asshole.

There is also some weird pride in atheism thing that I simply do not grasp.  “I’m proud to be an atheist!” ok.  Thumbs up sign. Cool story!  Why?  We talk about atheism as simply not believing in the existence of gods, which is all it is, but then are proud about it?  Well then I must be proud to not belive in ghosts, unicorns and intellectually honest Trump voters too then!  None of them exist!  There have even been twitter poll contests of who the most atheisty atheist was.  Boil it down to voting who’s not belief is the better non belief, and you realize exactly how silly that really is.



Josh found a 5035th god not to believe in, and claimed the 2017 Atheist championship.

 Let me humanize it. My entire family is Religious.  I was too.  Grew up in it.  I am the sole atheist in my family at this time.  Now tell me what would it serve for me to attack their beliefs now?  My daughter died years ago. My mother and father think she’s in heaven, and they will see them again.  I would not in a million years try and steal that happy lie from them.  When people have asked me anything, I have spoken.  I don’t pander to their religion, but I don’t needlessly look down on them.  They, like I, believed what they were taught to believe by the people who they are supposed to trust the most.

So what does this all mean?  Am I taking a kick at atheists as a whole?  of course not.  Am I saying that you’re wrong to debate or discuss with someone online regarding atheism?  Not at all.  But I doubt you’ll get much return on your investment.

All I’m saying that there is a stereotype of Atheism as a religion of angry god hating people, and there is a reason why.

And even if you do just debate, without pejorative or insult, maybe give it a rest once in a while.  There are actually some cool fun people out there who aren’t believers that are fun to talk to that don’t talk about atheism all the time!

And perish the thought, even some believers too.


Please send hate mail to Idon’

Smartassicus out.




Are you happy? What makes you happy?  Do you know what happy even is? I don’t think you do.  I don’t think any of us does.  Because it’s an elusive concept that ties contentment, feeling good, and lack of sadness to each other, which I think is like making a Strawberry pie with steak crust and vinegar ice cream.  It just doesn’t really go together.  Each flavour is fine by itself, and you can have them all in one meal.  But don’t make a dish out of it. (Extremely important note, if you suffer from Depression, some or all of the rest of this may apply to you.  Depression is not your fault.  Links to resources will be available at the end of this entry.)


Here’s the reality.  Happiness is not a natural state.  The great philosopher Deadpool once said:  “You might want to leave the room.  I bet it feels huge in this hand.”  (actually not the line I was meaning to use, but as a side note, now you know why Donald Trump has such a high opinion of himself.


Don’t think about it don’t think about it don’t…. aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!


“Actually the quote I was going for was “Here’s the thing. Life is an endless series of train wrecks with only brief commercial-like breaks of happiness.”


He said a lot of funny shit.  And deadpool 2 is coming out. ZOMG.  ok.  I digress.

Deadpool is kind of right, don’t you think? When is the last time you had an extended period of happiness?  Well, that depends on how you define happiness.  And I think that is one of the huge mistakes we make, particularly as western nations.  We pursue happiness like a drug.  But we aren’t looking for “happy” so much as we are euphoria.  We mistake the giddy rush of excitement, or romance, or thrill as happiness. Well, if you want to STAY happy if those are your guidelines, you are going to exhaust yourself chasing the feeling. And like drugs, you tend to need more and more to get the same feeling.  Soon enough the thrills that mad you “happy” don’t do it for you any more and you need to find another endorphin rush.  Add to that, the variables of what make people euphoric are so varied that pinpointing any methods for it are just fucking impossible.


Jerry really got a rush from the powdered donut orgy.  His twin Terry did not.

Smiles are not our default.  Neither really is frowns or tears.  Our default human emotion without stimulus is neutrality.  (with obvious variance, some people just wake up cheerful and are sunny right up until they go to bed.  We all hate them.)  Take a person receiving no stimulus whatsoever and this is the result.  Resting bitch face.  Although I hate that term because just because you don’t go around grinning like a clown on uppers, doesn’t mean it’s “bitch face.”  tomi-lahren-1483991023.jpg


Exceptions apply. Tomi Lahren has bitch face. With any  expression. Because She’s a bitch.


No, and if you’ll excuse my back to back pictures, I’m just talking about neutral expressions.


To be fair, Ms. Stewart could be experiencing one of her emotions. she has 3.

My partner said to me, in a moment of deep thought “Do you ever feel completely alone in this world?”  Kind of strange thing for someone to say to their partner, right?  Nope.  Because my answer was yes, just like her.  We derive happiness from good relationships of course, but there is a part of us that no person, no matter how much they care about you and vice versa, can touch.  There is an inner you immune to the charms of those that love you.  That is the lonely spot, the deep private zone in all of us where we find ourselves in the company of only our own thoughts.  We are very happy together yet don’t FEEL happy all the time,

So what does this all mean?  Don’t consult a dictionary. defines Happiness as “being in a happy state.”  Fuck you very much,  That doesn’t help at all. This brings us back to Deadpool.  He said train wrecks. That might be accurate.  Or, at times, it may not be that bad at times, so it’s merely drudgery.  For the average person 95% of life is just doing the things you have to.  If you are deliriously content with that, you are one of very few.

It comes down to  putting up with the show so you can enjoy the commercials. Kind of like the Superbowl.  You aren’t going to manage endless happiness.  Chasing thrills will burn you out, and probably leave you unsatisfied.  Don’t let the mistake of excitement of happiness take over your life, or you’re going to have a really bad time.

and for fuck sakes, don’t smile unless you want to.



Rejected clockwork orange torture device


Depression Resources as promised:


Worldwide suicide hotlines

Tips for dealing with Depression

Depression is not your fault

Smartassicus out.  writing this made me “happy.” now I have to do dishes, and it’s gone.




No, I didn’t spell it wrong.  I wanted to write a little piece of the mockery of Democracy.  Or to Mock democracy.  Or to deMock demoracy.  I’m getting confused so I’ll just get to it. Before I begin, I want to make note that I’m not specifically speaking of any one nation.  I will point out a few issues in a few nations, but the purpose is the entire concept of democracy.


On face value, democracy seems awesome.  everyone gets their say!  All voices are heard!  everyone is equal and…  that’s entirely bullshit.



Don’t worry. most people don’t count.  It’s not just you.

The reality is, in most democratic electoral systems, it isn’t one vote one person equality.  In the US, you have the electoral college.  (yes I know how it works, yes, I know that America is a Republic and Yes, I know despite getting 3 million fewer votes, Trump won.  I just think it’s really fucking lame.)  The leadership of the nation is decided by STATES, not people.  If Florida went red by ONE vote, the whole state goes to the Republican nominee.  This is predictably stupid.  Likewise, the Senate is decided by state representatives, and it will always lean Republican, because red states stay red.  You have a population that is majority center or left of center, and a system that aids the minority.  It is a recipe for gridlock and obstructionism and polarized slap fights.  it’s dysfunctional as fuck.


People voting in booths

You can tell who they are voting for based on their shoes. from left to right, R,D,BERNIE,R, D.

But they aren’t the only nation with problems.  the UK and Canada and Australia use various iterations of the parliamentary system.  Typically in this system you don’t even vote for your leader as a nation, it is chosen within the party.  You are voting party instead of representative.  (although you are voting for a representative at the ballot box.)  The reality is it doesn’t matter if the person of your party choice is a lazy ass and the candidate of an opposing party is a diligent hardworking individual.  People tend to make their choices based on the party they want to win the election.  So it’s a sham having people’s names on the ballot.  We ordinarily don’t give a fuck who it is.

Add to that,  Many in America complain that a two-party system sucks and there should be other options (there are, you can piss your vote away on anyone you want, who won’t get elected) but they don’t understand the multi-party problems.  For a long time, a Conservative government was in power.  With 40 odd percent of the support of the nation.  Because there are so many parties the vote gets split.  There are 5 major parties in Canada alone (although only 3 that anyone takes completely seriously right now) and Canada, a fundamentally left leaning country, was governed by the right for a dozen years because of vote splitting.

Go back even a little further, and because of the way seats are divided among provinces, we had a period of time where Quebec separatists were the official opposition party.  That’s beyond insane, but that’s how the system works.

So then you think “well, let’s have DIRECT democracy.  Every issue voted on by the population directly!  That sounds so…  ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?

Referendums are an example of direct democracy.  Australia had one on the legalization of Same-sex marriage.  Let’s forget for a second that the mere thought of basic human rights being voted on is an abomination, and congratulate Australia for at least having enough yes votes to stop the bigots.  (It’s ok to vote no… to being a decent human being.)

Brexit is another example.  People voting in the UK as to whether or not to separate from the European union.  An example of xenophobic white people and a collection of people who really don’t know what they’re talking about voting against the best interests of their nation because something something immigration.


(It’s also the continuation of the tradition of the Scots being fucked over by the English)


And in Ireland there is a battle over the 8th Amendment.  Where the reproductive rights of women will be voted on by the entire populace.  Which makes total sense, right?  An issue that affects only women of childbearing age, being decided by a group of people that includes roughly half men, and a portion of women who are beyond pregnancy years.  It’s a matter where the minority who it affects are outnumbered greatly by those who it doesn’t.  I can’t fathom why women’s reproductive rights should be voted on by this guy.


old man

Been awhile since my genitals worked but I want to stop women from deciding on theirs.

So direct democracy is kind of fucked up too.

Now let’s go in to magic land and pretend they found a way to make it completely fair with no gaps in the system and no shift one way or the other:

you still have completely uninformed people voting.  Reality has absolutely nothing to do with the process.  Single issue voters account for a large portion of populations.  There are red states that vote based on Jesus and ‘bortion. It’s the reason the tangerine shitgibbon is president.  People would rather vote for insanity than give up on their one or two main ideological points.  Everyone gets to vote (except children, felons, and those that have been systematically and deliberately disenfranchised, of course.)  You have a vapid, ill-informed populace making decisions that they know nothing about.


Try not to be too depressed that your vote counts the same as his.


Any system that would weed out the completely uninformed from voting would be undemocratic.  Say, a civics test.  Or even the dementia test that The Donald took.  It would disenfranchise people.  But systems that allow empty heads on meat sacks to vote, you have blithering morons casting votes. Is there a solution? No, not really.  Well, the extinction of mankind.  But we’d have to have a referendum on that.

This is Smartassicus, endorsing GIANT METEOR 2020.

Now set aside the absolute nihilism my writing has caused, and for fuck sake, get out there and vote.