What you need to know

You don’t need to know that much. I don’t either.

But what you need to know about me is that I’m a left-leaning, rapidly aging headcase that loves to talk. I love to talk about all sorts of topics, with all sorts of people, and this site is going to be dedicated to just that. I do not intend to be gentle. I am unapoligetic about my views unless someone can provide fact to change them.

Some people have a midlife crisis and get a new car. (Did it.) Or end their marriage. (Did that too) or take up with a younger woman (Um.. that too but only 6 years younger) But most don’t get a website.

It might be hubris to think that people will want to tune in. But I will pour myself into this site. User feedback will be key. You, my readers, will be the Executive producers. I will go rogue. I’ll talk about what I damn well please. But I want a forum of discussion, addressing current trends and events, worldwide.

Join me. Together we can rule the galaxy.

Wait. That’s Star Wars.

Join me. Let’s have some fun.