Suffer the Children



I have no joke for this. He’s standing with his dad.  Until he wasn’t.

I am an atheist.  Figured I’d get that out of the way quickly, because I’m going to be talking about God.  specifically, Jesus.  And Christianity.  And you know, not stealing children from parents and then putting them in cages.  Jeff Sessions, the Keebler Gestapo Elf, referenced the bible as  justification for what they are doing. Well, This has me beyond angry.  It’s a crime against humanity, and they are trying to sell it as a religious more. I’m going to give Jeff, and any of the other despicable people alright with what is happening to migrants a little lesson in their own religion. They clearly need it.


I found a verse about beating kids too! Boy, this bible sure is fun.

Colossians 3:12 Says (paraphrased) Therefore as God’s people, be Compassionate, kind, humble, gentle, and patient.  Does that sound like a Right wing lunatic applauding the tormenting of children and parents?  I don’t think so.  They whiff on all five. They are arrogant, lacking in an ounce of care for these people.  They’d better start scoring some points if they’re going to pass the holy test.

There is a story of Jesus in the bible, sitting on a hill and teaching.  They’re called the beatitudes.  I’m not going to put them all down word for word, but there was a list of people who were Blessed. (Bless-ed.  Sorry.  I need you to go back and reread it with the correct pronunciation.)

What were some of the things on the list? Well, Meek… Mourning… Persecuted.  You know who that sounds like? the migrant families.  Another few are on the list.  Peacemakers. Righteous. Merciful.  Those are descriptors for someone in a position of power over another. And the people applauding Trump and his cronies doing this aren’t any of those three things.


Kids taken from their parents and locked up?  What is wrong with you, me-dammit?

The bible also says things about how to handle strangers, the needy, the alien in your land.  Without the specific references:

You shall treat the stranger who stays with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers.

The alien has not lodged outside, For I have opened my doors to the traveler.

Love. Your. Brother. As. Yourself.  (I know without a doubt some would argue that the migrants are not their “brother” but in the bible context it meant other believers, which almost all of the migrants are, and it also says love your neighbor as yourself, so don’t fucking try it.)  I’m starting to think that these particular “Christians” have their own version of the bible.


Get those touchy-feely loving people parts out. It’s UNAMERICAN.

Lastly, and this is a repeating something said above, THEY ARE PULLING CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS.  This is is cartoonishly evil.  It cannot be justified.  That Jesus fella apparently said “Suffer the little children to come unto me” and These assholes stopped reading after the first four words.  This isn’t a condemnation of Christians.  I know that a far greater majority of people of faith are horrified with these actions.  I’m pointing the finger squarely at those who wave their bibles like they are angels, and act like demons.

From my point of view, these fuckers are LUCKY that there is no such thing as hell.  Because based on their own playbook,  They would be in that particular end-zone in no time.  This Jesus guy would have a few words for them.


No. Really. What the fuck is wrong with you?


If you aren’t angry at this, there is something wrong with you. Atheist, Christian, Hare Krishna, hell, even Scientologists.  If you are ok with this, go to hell.

Smartassicus out.

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