Blood money, bloody money, money for blood.

Again.  News rolls in again of another school shooting where the lives of American children are taken, and the same circular counterproductive arguments begin once again.  It made me create a new word (unless someone else has trademarked it already) in serendipshittery.  Serendipity is the chance occurrence of happy, beneficial results.  Serendipshittery is the opposite.  Every single person knows exactly what is happening.  Children are being killed by guns.  (If you respond with guns don’t kill people, people kill people, kindly fuck off until you’re gone, and then fuck off again.)

A girl at the Santa Fe shooting was interviewed and the reporter asked “Did it seem like it wasn’t real, that it could have never happened here?” her response was chilling.”  No.  It’s been happening everywhere so I figured it would eventually happen here.  I wasn’t surprised.”  It’s the children, the teens, that are aware of the realities while adults slap their hand to their head in disbelief as if this hasn’t been a regular occurrence for adolescent massacres.

Yes, it just happened.  Yes, people will yap about how it’s “too soon” to talk about it.  Pardon me for this.  Fuck you and your “too soons.”  This conversation has been dominated by the tone-deaf all along.

But here’s the thing.  Even the people who instantly rush to defend “second amendment rights” after every shooting, like ghouls rising from their rotten graves and splattering everything with foulness, they KNOW guns are a problem.  They just refuse to admit it.  So they throw out every silly non-sequitur they can think of, and do remarkably stupid, and frankly, shitty things.


I’ll help by… um… showing up to a schools shooting scene with a flag and a gun. Yeah

Take this massive chucklefuck.  He was interviewed walking around the school with an American flag, a MAGA hat, and a pistol on his hip.  Because nothing says I CARE ABOUT YOUR LIVES, KIDS! by showing up with more firearms.  He couldn’t even give a good reason to be there.  He was there to offer “support.”  And maybe he was.  But he was there to support guns, not lives.

The interviewer then cut to someone incensed at this guy for being there with a gun.  I thought for a moment that someone was going to take him to task in the name of commons sense.  Nope.  This new person said that him bringing a gun here was insensitive to be there with a gun, and it wasn’t what was needed.  What was needed was prayer.  You can imagine how my single facepalm turned from one hand to two.


We have so many, we’ll never run out.

Now, this isn’t an indictment on all people of faith.  I know many that know that just praying isn’t going to do a thing.  Yes, as an atheist I get really pissed off when people go down the route of “praying will stop bullets.”  But the vapid idiocy of proclaiming that prayer is the answer is as bad as those who actively rush to the defense of guns after every shooting.  They know it isn’t a solution.  It never has been. It doesn’t stop them from proclaiming it is the key though.

People pray all the time and there are still funerals that will be upcoming.  Hey, if it worked, I’d be all for it.  I’d even take a shift in front of a school saying any prayer they want if it made our kids bulletproof.  It. Doesn’t.

And that isn’t even the most sinister aspects. Knowing full well that the “It isn’t the guns fault” side is losing the battle of public opinion badly, trollish goons start spreading lies and disinformation immediately.  Some of it is utterly transparent falsehood, but that doesn’t matter.


Left: White terrorist. Right: White terrorist in a photoshopped hat.


The shooting wasn’t even a few hours passed before fake profiles started popping up on Facebook with poorly photoshopped images and left-wing organizations such as Antifa listed among interests.  Facebook took down the actual profile soon after the piece of shit was identified.  But the right-wing nutjob portion of the gun argument have to lie to distract. Trying to paint him as a democrat because… I don’t know. Fuck democrats, I guess.  It’s a distraction from the issue.  Get people to talk about the lawn, and nobody pays attention to the house that’s on fire.

The fakes are cartoonishly bad. The creation date is today. Anyone looking at it for 5 seconds should be able to identify it is falsehood.  But it’s now circulating as fact among Gun-toting MAGA hat stands.

To quote Terry Goodkind: People believe (obvious) lies for two reasons.  They are afraid that it’s true, or they are desperate to believe that it’s true.  This is clearly the latter.  It suits the narrative of the “hateful left” so they will latch on to it like leeches on to a swimmer in a swamp.

Everyone knows what the problem is.  Everyone knows that there are again parents who have had their teenage child ripped away from them in a heartbeat.  I can attest to the devastation of sudden unexpected loss of your child, even if my circumstances are different.  They are never going to be ok again, these moms and dads.   My heart rips in two for them.  None of this is by chance, though. It’s the opposite of chance.  It is an ever increasing probability as a belligerent minority elect a blood money pocketing government.  They know it’s true as well.  But they just love their toys more than human lives.

Of course, talking about gun regulations automatically incenses the rambo wannabe population to condemn speaking of it. So if anyone wants to play the insensitivity card, that I am capitalizing on a shooting to forward an agenda, I’d say two things.  One, yep.  I’m going to say something every goddamn time.  And so should everyone else.  This needs to be protested at the national level with ferocity.  and two, If you’re the person who says that talking about gun control right after a shooting is ghoulish;  You are the disgusting ghouls I was talking about in the first place.

Smartassicus out(raged.)








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  1. Well said and well written, as usual, Mr. S.

    Also, I’m sorry – I know this is a very serious situation, but I couldn’t help but giggle at the word, “chucklefuck”. I may borrow that sometime.

    • Please feel free. It’s a damn good word.

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