A Swiss before dying

As of the time of this writing, he is dead. Raise a glass, cheer, be happy. No, I’m not referring to someone awful. I’m referring to a respected Scientist from Australia, Dr. David Goodall. And why are we to cheer? Because he wanted this.


No joke on this one. Farewell Doctor.

Dr. Goodall died listening to Beethoven, by his own choice, as he wished. Now to the part that isn’t cheerful. People actually fight against this. Physician assisted death is illegal almost everywhere. Dr. Goodall had to travel to Switzerland from Australia to exercise his will, because… well, actually no good reason at all. (I know the movie reference pun of a kiss before dying is extremely dated and old, but so was Dr. Goodall.)

Even where it is legal, there are some restrictions that don’t make sense. Canada has legalized it, but have made a number of restrictions that do not account for life long disability, loss of cognitive function, (pre-declared intent) or just Like the good Dr, getting old and not having any quality of life anymore.

Why? because… NO ACTUAL REASON THAT MAKES SENSE. And yes, I was shouting there. Because the three arguments against self-determined death are all horrible. The first is predictable. “Who are we to play God.”


Respect life! Oh, the person? Who gives a shit about that as long as they don’t die in a manner of their own choosing!

We can immediately dismiss that nonsense. I don’t care what your “God” thinks. so moving on. The next is the “People will coerce people to die for their own gain!” First, I want to know what kind of sick mind you have if this is the first thing that pops in to your head. And second, properly legislated and administered right-to-die medical care would catch that shit. People who argue this act like people are going to be pushing old people to the hospital in wheelchairs and the doctor will put them down like a horse with a broken leg, no questions asked.


Grandma stopped putting money in my card. No use for her, now.

The last of the primary arguments made is the slippery slope argument. Which is awesome because it’s one of the few times they actually NAME the logical fallacy they are using, and are unaware of the irony. They argue that if terminal people will want to die then disabled people may want to die then people with ingrown toenails may want to die. I am deliberately being absurd, because it’s absurd argument. One thing they stick to is depression, and people just dying because they feel sad. First, fuck you, that’s not what depression is. And two, if you think clearly enough, the primary reason people take their own life due to mental illness is because they NEVER SEEK TREATMENT. (Yes. I’m yelling again.) Imagine having legislation that caught all these people who fell so depressed they can’t go on and their illness is identified and treated? Suicides due to mental illness would go way DOWN.

Not one single reason has ever been forwarded that indicates people should not be able to choose a merciful, peaceful end to suffering, or debilitating incurable conditions that steals any quality of life. And like always, the argument is divided along the political lines.


Turn left.  Left. If you turn right you end up in a one way dead end.


This is a basic human right. Not a political football. Fuck anyone who says otherwise. Mercy and empathy resides with choice.


Pictured here: not merciful and painless.

Smartassicus out. (Just on this piece. I haven’t made THAT choice yet.)

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