A terrible incelt

Ok. If you managed to make it past that incredibly horrible pun of a title, congratulations. I almost didn’t while WRITING this. Onwards, reader! (singular because I think I have like one regular reader.)

I am going to jump right in to the topic, and talk about the incel thing. Now the first thing that’s annoying about incel is that it’s leaving a lot of red squiggly lines on my piece and it’s kind of setting me off. But jokes aside, the whole “incel rebellion” thing is a sick, twisted and “how can this possibly be real” thing that has entered the spotlight since the Van attack in Toronto. After the bigots had their hategasms claiming it was Islamic terrorism, because, you know, not a white person, it turns out that the likely motive was killing women because they won’t have sex with any man who demands it.

Here’s the thing. The incel shit isn’t new. It’s been around for some time. It spiked in behavior at the same time as #metoo became a sweeping phenomenon, because how else do whining man babies react other than to double down on their bullshit? But it has been a “subculture” for years. And women have told us. They pointed it out. And per usual, society made a collective shrug motion.


You know. Kinda like every time we tell you something.

But now that it’s a known entity, it should be universally condemned, right? I mean, nobody… would…

Yeah, you know that there will be people who take the “intellectual” side of these poor downtrodden men that haven’t been able to get much luck in the lovin’ department. Robin Hanson, an economist, made an argument that if we are worried about fairness of wages and opportunities, we should be concerned about sex distribution as well. I’m not going to post a picture to the guy here. (He looks exactly like you’d assume. Aging, white, and entitled.) But that doesn’t mean anyone else would…

Sorry gotta disappoint you again. Ross Douthhat, opinion columnist for the New York Times (the same New York Times that brought us “let’s humanize nazis” and “no really, we should care about the feelings of white supremacists”) Wrote a frankly rambling, disgusting piece called “The Redistribution of Sex.” Go and read it if you’re inclined. It actually takes incel morons seriously, and bemoans the “negatives” of sexual liberation of women. Really though, the end of it is all you need to know. Direct quote:

“Whether sex workers and sex robots can actually deliver real fulfillment is another matter. But that they will eventually be asked to do it, in service to a redistributive goal that FOR NOW seems creepy or misogynist or radical, feels pretty much inevitable.”

First off, Ross, FUCKING GROSS. Second, there will never be a time that a redistribution of sex demand isn’t creepy and misogynist. It’s enough to make you vomit that people are actually writing think pieces on making sure men get to have sex.

It is literally insanity that anyone is doing anything but recoiling from these disgusting men in horror. And it’s not because of their looks.


Although, the neck beard isn’t helping, Steve.

It’s because they are without a doubt some of the most repugnant shit smeared cockroaches to ever draw breath. I learned about the incel thing a little further back, and ventured in to the Reddit and Chan sites to have a look. Men, complaining about how they are nice guys yet women don’t have sex with them, so rape should be legal and sex slaves should be a thing and women should be in cages and JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST. Isn’t that enough?

Sure, some of them may not be the picture of classic good looks. But a LOT of people who got hit with the ugly stick have plenty of sex. The issue is they are so ugly on the inside, that it just oozes out of them like the rot-juice of spoiled meat in an Arizonan summer. They are so vile their blow up doll says no.


No Steve. I’m not interested.

The Article that Ross Douche-hat wrote points out sex workers or sex robots as a potential for “helping” these poor souls who feel that the universe is withholding them from the 15 seconds of glory they can provide a woman. But how does THAT solve the problem? first, the only people who should ever get to see a sex worker is someone who has a respect for sex workers, and it sure as hell isn’t going to come from these disgusting motherfuckers. I mean, they could repel a fleshlight.


It’s a no from me as well, Steve.

This society owes nobody sex. No people are owed sex. Sex is talked about as a need, and I agree that it’s a “need” in the sense that it’s a biological imperative but guess what happens to you if you NEVER have sex? Absolutely nothing. You don’t die, you don’t get sick, you just have to invest in more Jergens. That’s it. It is inescapable that if you commodify sex as a “right that it speaks to the commodification of women. We did that for most of human history, and the battle is STILL going on to end it. It’s absolutely insane to give these bastards anything but complete derision. People who believe women should be property for their own desires deserve exactly zero sympathy, and frankly, their posts and tweets and articles should be treated as threats.

This isn’t something that needs discussion. It needs stomping in to the ground. It should be condemned in the same manner that we condemn unarmed black men being shot, Racists from marching with tiki torches, and confederate flags flying on public grounds. (Yes. I KNOW.)

If you see anyone espousing these views, swat it like a mosquito. Mercilessly. And for Fuck sakes, maybe everyone should ignore the New York Times.

and to end I just want to post the one picture of sex robots that I saved for this article and didn’t get a chance to use so you can get a small picture of what my google ads are going to look like for the next while.


1027:No, Steve. 1028:No, Steve. 1029 No, Steve.

With my humblest apologies to most Steves out there.

Smartassicus out.

5 thoughts on “A terrible incelt

  1. “This society owes nobody sex. No people are owed sex.”

    THANK YOU. Why is it so hard for these bottom feeders to understand this?
    Another fantastic, well-written post.

  2. .mmm?mmmm?mm

    Thank you! I think they simply don’t WANT to understand. Understanding means need to change.

  3. I do NOT know where those Ms came from.

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