There will be (more) Blood


This is insane.  This should not be normal.  It’s become normal.


I had another piece planned for now, but I put it off because of the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida.

This will not be a hope filled piece.  It’s resignation to reality.  This won’t stop.  Not anywhere in the near future.  We watched as small children were gunned down, and the lawmakers did nothing.

Watched the deadliest mass shooting in the history of America, and it took less than a week before the demands for gun control were snuffed out by an NRA fueled group of sociopath senators.

And you know I’m really light on the list.  if I said “did you hear about the school shooting” you’d talk about the shooting in Parkland.  But if I asked you about mass shootings in 2017, 2016, 2015…  Only a few will stick out despite there being so many shootings you can’t keep track.

Barely removed from the most deadly mass shooting in American history where  58 died, and it’s nothing more than a forgotten hashtag to all  but those who buried their dead.  Now I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.  I know the frustration of all the people in America who want gun control and want it now.  They wanted it before Columbine.  (As a side note, think how sad it is that Columbine doesn’t make the list of top 10 deadliest shootings any more.)

And there are three things certainties after a shooting like this.  The majority calling for action, the Government offering useless thoughts and prayers and then cashing their NRA cheques, and the 2nd Amendment lunatics rushing to their twitter, Facebook or gab (I threw Gab in their only because it exists.  as far as I know, Gab is nothing more than grumpy nazis who kept getting suspended on twitter,) to defend guns.

Let me start by saying, if you do that, if your reaction to shootings is to defend guns, you’re a flat-out asshole.  A scummy, ridiculous human stain.  These are the same people who say “don’t politicize this when we should be grieving” and then proceed to politicize it by telling you why gun control won’t work.


Sorry Aaragorn. I know you’d be in favor of common sense crossbow control.


Gun control works, but I have to say ACHIEVING gun control won’t work.

First you have the government, who won’t do anything suckling at the massive teat of the NRA.  Millions upon millions passed to Republican senators.  So are they the block?  yes, and no. Because it does not matter how low the approval ratings for senators get, Republicans would rather vote for Satan than a democrat.  The usual things.  Abortion.  Same sex Marriage.  People with brown skin from different countries.  And, yes, gun “rights.”

I’ve often said that Republicans are single issue voters, but I’m not being fair.  they have maybe 4 or 5. And the truly  belligerent asshats go online after a shooting and immediately attacking everyone calling for something to be done.  Same old excuses, same old tired arguments, none of them making a lick of sense, but they don’t deal in sense.  They deal in “muh gun.”

These are people who take photos like this.


Next Christmas card let’s go with pistols!

People so stupid that they put guns in the hands of children.

Now there is a perfectly good counter to every one of their stupid arguments.  But again, reason does not resonate with these people.

More car deaths, let’s ban cars! (accidents aren’t shootings.)

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! (Yes.  and a staggering number in America is with guns.)

Criminals won’t obey the law ( ok.  so we shouldn’t prohibit drunk driving because drunks won’t obey the law.)

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I loathe these people.  They always say “so much for the tolerant left” and in this case, it applies.  I cannot tolerate their negligence, stupidity, lack of empathy, and complete refusal do deal with reality.  I loathe their champions.  Tomi “racist barbie” Lahren.  Dana “I was created in a vat” Loesh.  Dana is ACTUALLY a paid NRA shill.  Her job is to literally defend guns after mass shootings.  I can say without equivocation I consider these people to be repugnant, and am close to thinking it’s actually divergent evolution between those who have logic centers in their brains, and those who don’t.


They always scream “Gun control doesn’t work! “(Except in every nation that has gun control at varying levels, NOT having anywhere near the same number of shootings.  I mean it isn’t even close.)


America is number one! U S A! U S A! U S A!


Sane people know that gun control works. People who care about other people know gun control works.  But flipping red senate seats is near impossible.  The majority of America is left of Center, but the Senate is filled by states.  More red states, well, you know the rest.  And here we are.

I know so many good and caring people who are fighting for the insanity to stop.  And I don’t wish to try to stop their efforts, and I truly hope they succeed.  I have no belief that the American “democratic process” will allow it though.

So there will be more blood. More tears. More impotent rage.  More worthless thoughts and prayers.

I don’t know anyone who has been shot in mass shootings.  I mourn for America, not individuals.  I mourn a country filled with people I love dying a little more every day. I mourn for my friends held captive in a nation being run by a dispicable minority and not a creed of  “fuck you, I got mine.”


I have no hope this will change.

Please, America, I beg you to prove me wrong.








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